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Zo Morese

Bad AF

Posted By on August 1, 2020

Zo Morese blessed the world with A Poet’s Pandemica project that looks to lighten the mood during these somber times. No song on the album does that better than “Bad AF.” This banger can easily be played in the club, the radio, or just on your speakers at home. In every setting, this one bangs. 

“Bad AF” features an instrumental that feels like something from the mid-2000s. Warped synths twist and turn around pop like percussions and a playful woodwind. Zo takes off with a rapid flow over the beat, dropping punchlines and metaphors with ease. The hook is easily the best part of the track though. The autotune laced chorus will imbed itself in your head almost immediately. 

Quotable Lyrics
All of these bars, I’m a prisoner
Why you all sound similar?
Ya’ll not rappers, ya’ll swindlers
Fools speak, I’m a listener
I’m home, you the visitor
You little, a miniature
I’m big like Christopher


Zo Morese