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Zo Morese


Posted By on November 26, 2020

Zo Morese continues on his overly productive 2020 with another new single, entitled “G.O.A.T.” While the title may be a bold claim, and one that has become somewhat trite in the hip-hop world, it’s hard to argue with his work ethic. The enigmatic and energetic new single features a playful instrumental that finds strength in colorful xylophone sounding synths and a punchy percussion.  

As the name suggests, “G.O.A.T” is a braggadocious track that walks the thin line between hip-hop and pop. Zo croons in a rugged auto-tune filter that accentuates the rasp of his tone. This smooth track is an easy listen, and is sure to ride throughout the winter. Let us know what you think about “G.O.A.T” below. 

Quotable Lyrics
I’m the GOAT
Uh, you not a goat, you a ghost
Nowhere to be found but do the most
Fronting for the gram we see your post
Bad full of bread I got the toast

Zo Morese