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Zo Morese

Hot Minute

Posted By on September 5, 2020

Zo Morese had a busy 2020, dropping off A Poet’s Pandemic and several singles. Now, he is keeping the bangers coming with “Hot Minute.” The new single is a smooth ballad with a hip-hop twist. The young New Jersey representer pushes his typically subdued vocals through autotune to create a melodic exposition for the ladies. 

Zo glides over this R&B inspired instrumental with efficiency. Easily, a top 5 track from the rapper, “Hot Minute” fuses R&B, trap, and pop with amazing ease. Although the track can be somewhat repetitive, it works in Zo’s favor. Before “Hot Minute” ends, you’ll find yourself humming the melody as if you’ve known the song for years. Catchy, fun, and sexy, “Hot Minute” is the track you and your lady can BUMP before you turn that “B” into and “H.”

Quotable Lyrics
I ain’t tryna rush but the clock tickin’
I’m tryna put some diamonds on you, make the watch glisten
Don’t go cryin’ me a river when them rocks drippin’
I’m tryna wife you up, hope your pops with it

Zo Morese