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Reason For August Alsina Brawl Revealed

Posted By on January 20, 2015

We reported yesterday on August Alsina getting into a fight with a concert promoter at a non-violence charity event. Although the original reports claimed the fight was over Alsina being late, new reports claim the R&B singer got offended when he found out he was performing before Atlanta rap group Migos.

According to reports, Alsina was upset that he was an opening act instead of the main act.

“TMZ obtained this new video of the brawl that went down backstage at a St. Louis concert … and it shows R&B star Alsina actually did get at least one punch in on Loose Cannon Slim, the promoter. It was unclear in our first clip of the fight.

Sources close to Slim tell TMZ by the time punches started flying … security guards for the venue had already detained Slim’s posse following an earlier dressing room scrap with Alsina — so it was never a fair fight.

As for why the fight went down — we’re told double-A was offended he had to perform before the group Migos … because, in his mind, he’s way bigger than the “Versace” rappers.” (TMZ)

Check out the video footage of the altercation below: