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Biggie’s Wife Losing ‘Faith’ In Finding Killer

Posted By on November 19, 2010

     R&B singer Faith Evans, the ex-wife and widow of The Notorious B.I.G., recently admitted that she doubts that the mystery of the 13 year-old fatal shooting of Biggie will ever be solved. Admitting the case still has a "pending" status, Evans says she is losing the "Faith" that we will ever find out who exactly killed the rap legend.

According to Faith, the family of B.I.G. has an idea of what happened to her husband, although she doubts it will ever be solved in the United States court system. "The family – we have an idea what happened. We don't know who pulled the trigger but we have an idea what went on," Faith Evans told UK newspaper The Voice. "It's not something I would speak on because it's still a pending case, so that wouldn't be smart at all. But we have an idea, though we don't know if it will ever be solved in the judicial system." (The Voice)


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