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Eminem & Royce Explain How EP Came About

Posted By on June 13, 2011

     Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 will be on the cover of the next issue of Complex Magazine. If you would like to check out a preview of the interview, head on over to Complex. In the mean time, check out what Bad Meets Evil had to say when asked how the project came about exactly…

So how did you get from there to the decision to make the EP? Were you making Slaughterhouse records together and just realized you had a gang of good ones with just verses from you two?
Royce: That’s a good question. I think it started when I had a song for him to get on for my album, and we had a lot of fun doing it. We were already spending a lot of time together, because he was doing a lot of shows around that time, and I was traveling with him. Denaun [Mr. Porter] would bring a beat on the plane and we’d both like it, and we’d end up in the studio just cutting it, because we had time to do it with no real goal in mind. I mean, we both knew we had the Slaughterhouse album coming down the pipeline, but it wasn’t really for anything. Then we look up and we’re sitting on all these records, like “Goddamn man, what are we going to do with all these records.”
Eminem: Yeah. We weren’t sure. We didn’t have a plan from the beginning. It was just us getting in the studio and having fun again, and getting the chemistry back in recording. At the rate we were able to knock them out, it was pretty quick. It was just like “Fuck it. Lets keep going.” (Complex)

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