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Beanie Sigel Reportedly Not The Intended Target In New Jersey Shooting

Posted By on December 10, 2014

We recently reported on rapper Beanie Sigel being shot in New Jersey, now reports claim that Sigel was not the intended target. The reported target in the shooting was Sigel’s brother-in-law, 22-year-old Umar Salahuddin. The rapper still remains in the hospital where he is in critical, but stable condition.

The reports claim Salahuddin is not a suspect in the shooting,but they are trying to get him to help them figure out why he was being shot at.

“Salahuddin is not a suspect in the shooting but police are investigating why he was being shot at; however, he has not been cooperating. At the time of the shooting. he had scrapes and bruises on his arms and face.

“We do have some leads we’re following up on but cooperation from the family is minimal,” said Lt. Danny Adcock of the Pleasantville police department.” (AllHipHop)