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Big Boi Talks Social Media : “I would like to call myself the king of the foot selfie.”

Posted By on April 9, 2014

With The Shorty Awards (an award show that celebrates the best in social media) approaching fast, Outkast‘s Big Boi shared his feelings on social media as whole, his participation in it, and what the Atlanta rapper hates the most about social media.

“[I use] Instagram the most to post pictures of socks and flowers,” he said. “But I would like to call myself the king of the foot selfie. Left Foot by Big Boi coming soon…Vine is really just to look at pornographic twerk videos. And I just don’t engage in that. But I will consume some if YouPorn is down… No Twitter beef. We don’t really engage in thug thumb activity. We call these the thug thumbs. ‘I will beat yo mothafuckin ass when I see you on the spot.’ Mad face.”

Daddy Fat Sacks went on to give up and coming artists advice for breaking into the industry.

“I think they should be outchea trying to go to college,” he said. “There’s so many rappers outchea, but I think it needs to be more people that’s outchea focused on something other than that. But if that’s your passion then do it. But if you suck balls then just know that you outchea fucking up.”


Check out the full interview with Big Boi below: