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Jury Selection Starts For C-Murder Trial

Posted By on May 27, 2009

    The jury selection for C-Murder's attempted murder trial began this week in Lousiana. Better known to the government as Corey Miller, C-Murder is accused of trying to shoot two men at a local Baton Rouge nightclub almost eight years ago. The prosecution says C-Murder tried to shoot the owner of Club Raggs and a bouncer.

    More than fourty people were brought in as prospective jurors and Judge Tony Marabella asked whether anyone knew of the defendant, Corey Miller saying "Mr. Miller is a rap artist, or a hip-hop artist, if the terminology is correct," Marabella said. "He sometimes goes by C-Miller. He sometimes goes by C-Murder." In the crowded courtroom, 37 people raised their hands, setting in motion an extended jury-selection process that is scheduled to resume Wednesday.