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Cash Money Records Facing Another Law Suit Concerning Music

Posted By on February 27, 2013

Cash Money Records finds itself in the crosshairs of yet another person who wants to be paid for music that has found its way onto Cash Money produced LP’s. However, this time, instead of a producer claiming that they produced a beat that was used by Cash Money, but they were never compensated for, there is a member of a popular 70’s band that claims that CMB has sampled a song from a 1972 Song of the band. Robert Poindexter, a member of the 70’s band “The Persuaders” has made the claim that Cash Money sampled the song “Love Gotta Pack Up” for the 2010 Bow Wow joint, “Still Balling”.

The law suit very simply says that neither the artist, Bow Wow, or the label, Cash Money, properly secured permission to use the song on any of their projects

According to Poindexter, he has reached out to both, the Bow Wow’s camp and the offices of Cash Money to resolve the issue, but he keeps getting the “run-a-round”. When he approached Cash Money, they simply pointed him to Bow’s attorneys and they simply did the same in reverse. Poindexter is reportedly asking for $600,000 plus interest as punitive damages.

It seems that Poindexter is extremely passionate about protected the rights to the work of this band. He has reportedly sued 50 Cent for the use of the same song and he has sued Kanye West for the use of another.