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Cashis Talks G-Unit’s Comeback Takeover

Posted By on September 7, 2010

      Shady Records artist Cashis recently talked about his relationship with G-Unit and how the 50 Cent pack are once again on their way to taking over the music industry.

      "Yeah, I mean everything is still cool. It was never like, we just hanging around each other all day everyday. But everything is still cool. It's a business. I don't know. I mean I'm on Shady. They do what they do. But its still like, we on the same team. I know when I came out, I thought it was like a gang. I'm like " woo, woo, woo.." and chasing people out clubs, wearing G-Unot T-Shirts. And I got talking to my brother Kino, and he was like, "What are you doing? You putting your life on the line." I was like "I'm riding." But, you know, I still have a line of communication with them, but its not like we chilling together, or doing all that. I'm concerned about getting my money, and they concerned about getting they money too. They getting hot again, to where they trying to do a takeover. I'm doing the same thing. I don't have all the bread they got, but I'm getting my money in, and I'm getting super hot. And it makes sense. Cause I don't ever want to have to pay anyone to do a record with me. If I can do a record with Em, we just trade art. You respect me, I respect you. But I just want people to see that I'm going somewhere, and so that way, we can make some money to where it's a favor for a favor."

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