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Cassidy Tells His Side Of The Fat Joe & Papoose Altercation

Posted By on March 7, 2008

Philly's own Cassidy recently talked to Miss Jones on New York's famous radio station, Hot 97. Among the topics discussion was the much talked about altercation between Fat Joe and Papoose, and his role in it. As we previously reported, 50 Cent's website reported that Cassidy invited Papoose to his hotel room and when he arrived Fat Joe showed up and Papoose reportedly punched Fat Joe in the face. Since the rumors started, Papoose has done many radio interviews stating that not only did the altercation happen, he thinks' Cassidy set him up. Fat Joe denies that he was punched, and says Cassidy did not set up Papoose, rather he knocked on everyone's door until he found him. Now Cassidy is finally speaking out about the event and his role in it. Cassidy told Miss Jones that he had no ill intentions when he invited Papoose to his room; he was simply trying to make connections with the rapper to possibly work with him in the future.

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"We were all staying at the same hotel," Cass explained. "So it's not
like I called Papoose from his home and then something happened to him
or I called him from far away and he walked into a unfamiliar area. We
were staying in the same hotel on the same floor. Me, Fat Joe and
Papoose. So I definitely wouldn't set Papoose up… it definitely
wasn't my fault I was just reaching out, trying to communicate, trying
to build relationships." [Listen here]

"That was actually my first time actually conversating with Papoose
when I seen him in a hotel," he added. "I ran into him a couple of
times and seen his face, but I never got a chance to bust it up with
him or communicate with him. And being to the fact that he's up and
coming and he's doing his thing and he's definitely got a little buzz,
I wanted to build a relationship and hopefully we could have did a song
or something in the future." [Listen here]

When Miss Jones asked him if he was in the room when the altercation went down he said…

"I wasn't even paying attention because at that point I excused myself
from the room," he said. "…I was there but when the fight actually
broke out I was at the door with my people and in the hallway with them
and Papoose had his people with him, I want y'all to know that. Papoose
wasn't by himself. He had six, seven or eight people in the hotel with
him. Probably like two or three people floating in and out of the room
so Fat Joe came in with his people." [Listen here]

Cassidy went on to say if he had known that Fat Joe and Papoose had a beef beforehand, he would have tried to mediate it, stating…

"I don't know what the beef is over," he told Miss Jones. "If I knew it
was a beef already I could have jumped up and tried to neutralize the
situation. Like 'don't blow it out of proportion' or 'don't do it in
there.' Due to the fact that they were on the radio the night before
Fat Joe felt some type of way. I didn't know about that. I was on the
road traveling around doing my shows. So I didn't know about the radio
situation and I didn't know that Joe had a problem with Papoose." [Listen here]

Cassidy wanted to make on more statement about the future, saying…

"When I'm building a relationship with a rapper or with anybody in the
world I want them to feel safe around me," Cass said before ending his
interview, "I don't want them to feel that I'm a shiesty dude that
would set someone up." [Listen here]