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Cee-Lo Doesn’t Like Kanye/Jay-Z’s “Otis”

Posted By on July 22, 2011

     Cee-Lo Green recently spoke on the new leaked "Otis" song from Kanye West and Jay-Z. Speaking with New York Radio Station Hot 97's host Angie Martinez, Cee-Lo explained his expectations are so high it's impssobile for the duo to live up to their own hype.

“I didn’t love it. You know what? I think it did what it’s supposed to do. It’s supposed to come across like a trailer to it,” he said, veering away from a negative direction. “You know what? Instead of me being critical, I can just say I love Jay. I love Kanye, and I especially love them together. You almost kind of think it’s a sure thing, but on a realistic expectation… And I think a song like that can help diffuse it and bring it back down to where it’s realistic again. Chances are, they’re going to come back with something that’s right on the money.” (Cee-Lo On Hot 97)

     Cee-Lo went on to speak about Young Money's own Drake explaining that he has nothing but love for the Canadian rapper. “I love Drake! I love him in general. I think he’s a young hopeful. I told him that directly,” he continued.

Jay-Z, Kanye West – Otis