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No Malice Details What A Clipse Reunion Would Look Like

Posted By on November 19, 2015

No Malice, one half of Rap group The Clipse, recently sat down with MTV to reflect on the duo’s last album, Til The Casket Drops, and speaks on what a reunion would look like.

“I look at this as my album,” No Malice says. “That’s what I wanted to do for me, to get these things off my chest and make my exit… I didn’t think about the fans. I didn’t think about the listener. It was just how I was feeling. People tell me all the time that they can hear a transition on that album. And they really tell me that they heard that transition throughout my entire career of something taking place, but it just finally came to a head on this album.”

When asked about what a Clipse project would do to the current state of music, No Malice made it clear the duo can not be touched:

“My brother and I together can make clown soup of all of these rappers,” he says. “That’s what I believe in my heart, but how can two walk together unless they agree?”

“That’s what I love about my brother and our relationship,” he says. “Those morals that my dad instilled in us…We don’t put opinions on each other. We don’t say, ‘Well, you should be doing this.’ We’re like, ‘Whatever you do, homie, we respect each other as men.’”