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Dame Dash Says Rocawear Caused Jay-Z Fallout

Posted By on January 8, 2010

    Dame Dash recently opened up about the fall out between himself and his co-founding Rocafella partner, Jay-Z. Dash says that tensions started with Jigga during their run with Rocawear Clothing. "It was me and Jay and the two Russians voting on every decision, and I controlled the vote, because I always had Jay's vote." The two Russians were Alex Bize and Norton Cher, old-school clothing slingers from Manhattan's garment district who ran the day-to-day operations. "But one day," Dash says, "they brought me to a hotel," he stated. "I said, 'Why are we meeting at a hotel?' and it was because they didn't want anyone to hear me yelling. That was the day they told me they didn't want [celebrity photographer] Mario Testino to shoot the ads." Instead, they were going with someone cheaper, and they were going in a different direction altogether. "Here the Russians were telling me how to cater to my people! I wanted [Rocawear] to be sold at Bergdorf Goodman's, not Dr. Jay's!" says Dash. "In the end, Steve Stoute was making money off them. Jay stopped listening to me and started listening to him." Shortly thereafter, Jay-Z made their separation formal when he bought out Dash's stake in Rocawear for $30 million.

    In related news, Damon Dash recently talked about the rumors that he was
having financial problems, saying he has none but he appreciates the
attention. "I'm Dame Dash broke, I'm Dame Dash not broke — I'm Dame Dash when I
got some money. But we also know that when Dame Dash got some money,
he's putting it into his businesses. I am a cake-aholic. My quality of
living never really changes, ever! I've never had to sacrifice or
compromise. Y'all actually seen a lot of my tragedies," Dash said. "I
know what real pain feels like. Y'all seen me cry…All this other
stuff, because these people wanna sell papers and say things, I don't
care about that. I don't defend myself." [Dame Dash – Says He Doesnt Have Money Problems – Watch Here]

Dame Dash – Says He Doesn't Compromise And Isnt Broke