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Dame Dash Responds To Funkmaster Flex Diss : ” A guy like Flex has had the same exact job for 25 years straight”

Posted By on June 7, 2014

It’s been a back and forth week for Dame Dash and Funkmaster Flex. The two have been putting each other on blast for quite some time, but this week, they’ve seem to pull out all of the stops.

While speaking with Combat Jack, Dash was quick to get down to business.

“What I do is I look at other people’s perspectives,” Dash said. “You have guys like Ebro—and I’m not calling him out. You got guys like Flex who have jobs. They’re paid. They don’t have any equity in anything that they’re working for. A guy like Flex has had the same exact job for 25 years straight. He’s 46 years old. A guy like Ebro I don’t know…but again he’s employed by somebody. He’s told what to do. He’s told to protect something that he doesn’t own. His mentality is completely different than Chuck D’s. Chuck D is a man that fights for freedom. He fights for what he believes in. For a person with a job—Hot 97 is owned by a parent company and those people culturally have nothing to do with Hip Hop. They make money from it all day long. Other people that work for Hot 97 fight for them but they own nothing. They have a secure salary. They don’t know about putting up their own money. They don’t know about fighting for what they believe in. They’re safe.”


Dash went on to put everybody on blast who he feels deserves it.

“I mean it’s just time,” he said. “A lot of people have done things I haven’t liked and you know me. I haven’t forgotten about it. I’m not the kind of person that I’m gonna complain. I’m not the kind of person that I’m gonna leave my culture behind. They don’t stop none of my money. I don’t really make money off music even though I make music. That’s not how I make my money. I do it for love and when I’m inspired. I’ve been watching these people bully my culture and make money from it and I’ve personally witnessed them do things that…would humiliate the culture and people would die and people would be hurt. And they would make money from it.”

“These CEOs have made so much money off rap beef for so long,” he said. “It’s not like when two rappers have a problem with each other they sit them down and squash it. They actually put a battery in their back—sort of like how a battery might have been in Flex’s back—and have them beef with each other. Then they make money off the winner. As opposed to what I do when I see two people having a problem, I sit them in a room and try to talk it through.”


Listen to the full conversation below: