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Rick Ross Remembers DJ AM

Posted By on September 3, 2009

    Rick Ross became the latest rapper to weigh in on the unexpected death of DJ AM and even shared a memory of the late mix king. Saying he has a relationship with Travis Barker, Ricky said "Sometimes, you gotta just look in the mirror and reflect and take control of yourself first and foremost." Officer Ricky went on to say "A lot of time, we're quick to speak on other's situations and what's going on. But we gotta reflect and grasp what's happening. When I hear situations like DJ AM, its very unfortunate. I'm one of the dudes that's cool with Travis Barker. They went through their situation [with the South Carolina plane crash]. I talked to Travis a short time after that. When AM made his recovery, it was at a club in L.A. I came out, kicked it, bought some T-shirts, rocked the mic. A lot of times, I just really reflect, man. These situations come and go so fast, you gotta sit back and reflect. I try to cherish the moments we have."

    In related news, everyone has been expressing their thoughts on DJ AM and many artists seem to be effected by the loss of the great DJ. Blink 182 has cancelled many concerts due to the death of DJ AM and recently everyone from Slaughterhouse to Jay-Z has recognized the death. [Slaughterhouse Gives A Moment Of Silence To DJ AM – Watch Here]

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