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DJ Khaled Hits ‘The Ellen Show’ And Discusses The Keys To Success

Posted By on March 10, 2016

DJ Khaled took his talents off ¬†Snapchat and hit ‘The Ellen Show‘ to discuss his Major Keys to Success. When it comes to his lifestyle, Khaled said a change in diet and physical activity has helped him achieve success.

“I might not be the fittest guy, but I’m healthy,” he says. “I feel good. I do the elliptical talk or the treadmill talk. I get real inspired when I’m on the elliptical or the treadmill and I just be like, ‘They want us to lose. They wanna finish us.’ I’m letting my people know the young world, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna win more. We’re gonna live more. We’re the best.”

“They don’t want us to eat breakfast,” he says. “You know why? I feel like they hid the keys from me growing up. Now, I’m being told you have to eat egg whites to be healthy and a lot of water, a gallon of water. It sounds maybe easy and normal for y’all, but when I was growing up, they never told me to drink a lot of water, so I drink a gallon a day. I think that’s a major key to success. Eating egg whites is a major key to success. It’s called being healthy and they don’t want me to enjoy it. So what I do is I make sure I enjoy it so amazingly.”


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