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DJ Mustard Speaks On Ending Beef With YG

Posted By on January 8, 2015

DJ Mustard and YG shocked the internet world last week after the two had exchanged some words via social media over money, but the two squashed the beef shortly after. Now, DJ Mustard has decided to speak out about the situation in an interview with MTV.

During the interview, Mustard explained how his emotions were directed more towards Def Jam and the whole thing was all a miscommunication.

“That was a miscommunication. It was more so some, ‘Def Jam needs to start paying me faster,’ that what I really was on. I wasn’t on no like, ‘I never got paid,’ or anything like that. With me and him, it’s not about the money, ’cause I can call him and tell him to loan me $100,000 and he’ll do it.” (HNHH)

Check out the whole interview below:

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