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DJ Mustard Details Kanye West’s Changes To Rick Ross’ ‘Sanctified’ Beat

Posted By on April 7, 2014

One of the standout tracks on Rick Ross‘ latest album, “Mastermind“,  is definitely ‘Sanctified‘ featuring Kanye West and Big Sean. The producer of the track, DJ Mustard, recently detailed certain changed Yeezus made to the beat, which ultimately became the final version.

“I can play you the original song and you wouldn’t even notice that ‘Sanctified’ came from this,” Mustard says in an interview with Hardknock.TV.”

“He could have just took it and I wouldn’t have even known,” Mustard says. 

“Kanye slowed it all the way down,” Mustard explains. “Then all of my sounds, slowed them all the way down. And then he put the sample on top of it which made it dope.” 


Check out the full interview with DJ Mustard below: