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Dr. Dre Signs Rapper Justin Mohrle To Aftermath

Posted By on January 27, 2015

Dr. Dre has long been respected as having one of the best ears in the game. His latest endeavor is signing rapper Justin Mohrle to Aftermath Records.

According to a Dallas publication, Dre signed the 23 year old after hearing his demo.

“JT and I worked on a couple songs; Dre fell in love with the songs; Dre stole the songs from the kid, because he wanted to put them out as a unit,” The D.O.C. told the magazine. “That’s the way this house is rolling. We’re all putting our energy toward building another classic for The Good Doctor. Then he’s going to take his time to help us build a classic for the youngster.”

Justin also added that the campaign could pop off at any second.

 “With the situation I’m in, Dre could decide to drop a track tomorrow, and then I might not be able to ever go to the mall again like this. By myself,” he said.