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E-40 Says Its Impossible To Replace Nate Dogg

Posted By on April 4, 2011

     The Bay Area's own E-40 recently shared his reaction to Nate Dogg passing away and why he feels it may be impossible to replace the late great West Coast rapper slash singer. E-40 says that Nate Dogg's legacy goes back to the late 1980s, spanning thirty years.

"Well first of all, they would have to be reincarnated or go way back or something. It would have to be an older guy. It's too late if they didn't start younger. See let me tell you something about E-40. Let me tell you about Too Short. Let me tell you about Jay-Z. We're older dudes that know too much. We're from the '80s era you smell me? Nate Dogg goes way back. You have to be laced in chrome. That's going to be hard to do, for someone to try and become another Nate Dogg. Because like I said, he knows how to sing and he knew how to spit game in his hooks and the way he got down where you can paint a picture with it. It just wasn't that easy. He had a chemistry and he was from a certain era. So I don't know, I just think it will be tough." (VIBE)


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