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E-40 Defends T-Pain, Gets Snoop & Game To Write His Street Journal

Posted By on October 21, 2008

    Bay Area legend E-40 recently sat down to talk to DJ Whoo Kid on Eminem's Shade45 radio station [watch here]. E-40 discussed what fans can expect from his new album "The Ball Street Journal" saying "I got the boy Akon on that motherf*cker," 40 said. "T-Pain back on
there again. I got Too [Short]. I got that boy Shawty Lo. I got Bun B.
I got Gucci Mane." [watch here]

    E-40 didn't stop with just those features. He went out and got some big names for a west coast track, as he says "I got a West Coast classic that I think they're gonna f*ck with real
tough," he added. "Me and Snoop [Dogg] and Game finally came together
and did a song produced by J.R. Rotem. It's a smacker." [watch here]

    The hyphy rapper [learn more here] even defended T-Pain and his use of Auto-Tune saying "T-Pain is one of the most talented cats of our time," 40 explained. "I
feel like he not only just a singer but he's a, he can actually sing
brah, without that f*cking Auto-Tune, and I seen him in real life. And
he a producer, dude is multi-talented man. He could stop being a
performer or whatever and just write and kick back and collect
publishing checks if he wanted to."

    E-40's new album "The Ball Street Journal", the follow-up to his 2006 gold selling "My Ghetto Report Card," will hit stores on November 25th.

E-40 – Interview With DJ Whoo Kid