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E-40 Tells Story Of His New Album Title

Posted By on November 10, 2008

    Bay Area legend and hyphy music [learn about it here] king E-40's new album is called My Ghetto Report Card but he didn't always have that as the title. “I had the title Verbal Vomit at first,” E-40 told XXl, continuing “But I knew that might have went over a few people’s heads. So I just came up with Ball Street Journal. It flows off the tongue right and it’s just perfect for an E-40 title. I had one called Ear Candy. But I still might do Ear Candy in the future, cause I feel like my music is therapeutic and healing and it’s Ear Candy.” Featuring Akon, T-Pain, Too $hort, Shawty Lo, Bun B and Gucci Mane, My Ghetto Report Card hits stores on November 25th.

    In related news, E-40 recently released a new track track called "Give Her The Keys" [listen here]. The track features hook-king and r&b sensation T-Pain, so make sure you check it out! [listen here]