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E-40 Says He Has Nothing To Do With Concert Shooting

Posted By on December 30, 2008

    E-40 says he had nothing to do with the recent shooting after one of his shows. “E-40 and his camp were uninvolved in the unfortunate incident at Club Vinyl in Denver on Dec. 27, 2008," his manager Chaz Hayes said. “Neither E40 nor anyone traveling with him was in the venue at the time. In fact, E-40 had concluded his performance and been back in the hotel room,” Hayes said in a statement.

    As we reported yesterday, five people were shot after a recent E-40 concert in Denver, leaving one person in critical condition. “During his time at the venue, and in fact during the trip to Denver as a whole, he encountered nothing but love and gave nothing but love back. E-40 had a crowd pleasing and peaceful show," Hayes said. Hayes did make it clear that E-40 had nothing to do with it saying E-40 “certainly regrets that this incident took place,” but he was  “unable to control the poor and tragic choices that other adults choose to make.”