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Earl Sweatshirt On Living In Hollywood : “It’s just nasty…”

Posted By on May 14, 2014

Fader recently caught up Earl Sweatshirt at his place in Hollywood. Earl spoke on living in Hollywood and explained there’s good and bad that comes with living in the entertainment capital of the world.


“If I got a second chance I would not live here,”Sweatshirt, who released his Doris album in 2013, says. “I live in the middle of Hollywood. That’s like living in Las Vegas. It’s just nasty. Honestly, when I got an apartment, I had just signed and got my advance. I couldn’t stay at my mom’s house. We were just on separate pages. So I was staying like, between Tyler [The Creator]’s house and Taco’s house, like sleeping on the couch. So, when I got my advance I told my manager to find me a place. So thats what this has been. I come here for prolonged periods of time between touring. It’s a good place of refuge.”



Check out Earl giving a tour of his apartment below: