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Eminem Confirms Appearance at Shady National Convention

Posted By on October 15, 2004

The Shady National Convention, to be held at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom on October 28th, announced two key components of the Convention today, as Eminem is confirmed for a keynote appearance at the Convention and SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s Shade 45 will present an exclusive live broadcast of this historic event.

Organizers have also indicated that press access will be coordinated through a red carpet at
the entrance to the venue.

“Securing Eminem is a huge coup for us,” remarked Shady National Convention Chairman P. Daniel Rosenberg. “His message is direct, we support his stance, and we’ve made an across-the-board commitment to his mission.

His campaign strategy is on target, on point, ‘encore.’ Combine this with the broadcast power of SIRIUS Satellite Radio and the uncensored nature of Shade 45 and you have an unstoppable combination with an unbeatable platform.”

Shade 45, the newly named SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel produced by Eminem, Shady Records, and Interscope Records, will make its national debut from the floor of the Convention.

The Shady National Convention will be broadcast live in its entirety exclusively on Shade 45.

“For us, it’s a clear fit, and yet another avenue in which to promote the singular mission statement that is this Convention,” said Rosenberg. “Shade 45’s debut on any other day would be a notable event in itself … now it’s a history-making evening.”

Organizers also announced the establishment of a “red carpet” entrance where Eminem will make statements to select members of the local and national media. “When you lock down a leader like Marshall Mathers for an event like this, you’re not sure whether he will be interacting with the media on a red carpet … he hasn’t done so in years,” remarked a convention insider. “We’re happy to report that Mr. Mathers will indeed be tackling the issues on the red carpet at this event. America is calling, and he’s accepting the charges.”

Shade 45 will feature a full lineup of on-air hosts and mixers, including Eminem’s DJ, Green Lantern.

“SIRIUS, Interscope, Shady and Eminem have assembled the definitive hip-hop radio channel,” said Scott Greenstein, President of Entertainment and Sports, SIRIUS. “Shade 45 will be a radio channel that for the first time directly connects the artists with their fans. It will be originality of the highest order, with no filters and no commercial restrictions.”

Please go to http://www.sncon.com for more information on the Shady National Convention.

Source: Six SHot