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Ryan Leslie’s Thin Line Between Lewd & Artistic

Posted By on April 1, 2010

     R&B hitmaker Ryan Leslie recently talked about Erykah Badu's new "Window Seat" musi video and explained why there is a thin line between being lewd and artistic. Leslie thinks that Badu should open up more about the videos inspiration. "I followed the Twitter feed and her saying that the naked God is our purist God and if you have a problem with nudity, etcetera," said Leslie. "There's overtones of indecent exposure and the legalities of it, but I would want to know from Erykah exactly when she saw the Matt and Kim video, what inspired her to attach this video to the 'Window Seat' song, you know? I'm curious…The message [brings] some insight to the video. I just felt like there's a lot more. I know some people make that argument, 'Oh, is it artistic or is it just some lewd publicity stunt?' I think it's artistic, and it's very serious artistic risk. So when someone takes that type of artistic risk, I'm interested in the discussion."

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