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Erykah Badu Feels No Regret over JFK Strip for Window Seat Video

Posted By on April 9, 2010

   Even though she got a $500 fine out of the ordeal, Erykah Badu has said that the talks around world regarding the controversial “Window Seat” music video was worth the risk and backlash she has received. Badu was officialy charged on April 2, 2010, with disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor punishble by fine of up to $500. But Erykah knew the video idea would be a success and get people talking.

“I thought it was a move for women and men and children who feel they weren’t good enough. This is just me, I’m good enough.’ I felt it was important enough to do. More pros than cons. I know it was a shocking thing I did. I expected it to provoke dialogue, and it’s an important statement to make. It’s about freeing oneself of the layers and layers of things that we have learned as Americans in this country. At the point of becoming naked and individual and free, either you’re assassinated spiritually or mentally by the group or worse. The words coming out of my head after I was figuratively and literally assassinated was ‘groupthink.’ Groupthink is a term coined by Irving Janis, 1972. It pretty much states what happens when a character or person is ostracized for thinking out of what the consensus is. He or she is pretty much thinking [more] with a heart than with loyalty. It’s an important thing. It’s art. It’s performance art. Art is supposed to spark dialogue and ring an awakening of some sort.”

   Shortly after she got issued the misdemeanor ticket she took to Twitter to say how she felt.

“Are you watching , America?,” she wrote (April 2). “charged on good friday …..return of the ankh . 1 DOLLAR FOR EVERY NEW AMERYKAH PRODUCT SOLD AT GOOD RECORDS TOMORROW WILL GO TOWARD MY BAIL MONEY.THANK YOU . (kidding)but im just sayin the garment of any leader is his people . when stripped of his people his message is lost .”

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