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Eve Set To Speak At Salon Sessions Presented By The XX Project & Soledad O’Brien

Posted By on April 24, 2013

Hip Hop Diva Eve will be a guest speaker at the new Salon Sessions speaker series. The series is designed to create a platform that will inspire stewardship and leadership. It is also designed to provide support for our leading women.

The XX Project is comprised of a group of select women who are considered to be leaders in their respective industries. Each of these women will produce events that are designed to inspire and encourage our future women leaders. Each month The XX Project host their Salon Sessions dinner Series, an event series that will honor a particular guest as well as gives them a platform to talk about their experiences.

Rapper and Actress Eve is slated to speak at the Salon Sessions event on the 30th of April. The event will take place at No. 8, W. 16th St. in New York City at 7:00pm. Eve’s success in the Hip Hop industry as well as progress in her mission of defying genre and industry stereotypes made her a great choice to be a speaker for Salon Sessions.

Through an exclusive interview with Eve, Soledad O’Brien will explore the professional career of the Hip Hop star. She will also examine Eve’s ability to sustain her success over a prolonged period. The will also talk about other aspects of Eve’s career as well as her creative processes that contributed to her upcoming LP Lip Lock.

Eve is planning to release her new LP on May 14.

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