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Eve Denies Chris Brown Attacks

Posted By on June 1, 2009

    Rumors have been going around that Eve was attacking Chris Brown over the fight with Rihanna on Twitter but now the Ruff Ryder rapper has come forward to say it's simply not true. "Eve doesn't Twitter, ever!" A rep for Eve says. "It is not her who tweeted about Chris Brown."

     The account that claimed to be Eve posted multiple times regarding Chris Brown including "Hold on, hold on. I'm just gonna reach
out to some of ya'll out there and say this bluntly, why do people keep
trying to protect chris browns' a**? He's guilty until proven innocent,
and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman, I'm so sick of people
kissin his a**. Yeah I did just watch a clip of him saying he isn't a
monster. Yeah motherf*ker you are. Let him or any other man come to me
with power fists. I'd f*ck him up."

    Eve's camp is currently working on trying to get the fake Twitter page taken down.