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Fabolous Reveals His Hopes of Landing Nas & Kendrick Lamar On Next Project

Posted By on March 12, 2013

Fabolous has recently admitted to reaching out to Nas and Kendrick Lamar to be featured as part of the all-star lineup being assembled for his next project. Fab has been in the game for quite some time, with 5 studio albums and countless mixtapes to his credit. He has recently amitted that his next project, “Loso’s Way 2” will feature an all-star cast.

Future is on there. Rick Ross is on there as well,” said Loso during an interview with the Los Angeles Leakers. . “I’ve been talking with Nas and trying to reach out to Kendrick Lamar as well.”

With this much anticipated release, the Brooklyn rapper is pulling out all of the stops to insure that the project will be a successful. The cast boast a “who’s, who) lineup.

Fab has also indicated that he is targeting a release date some time in May. “I’m looking like May-ish. Mid May, end of May.”

He also weighed in on the controversial “MTV’s Hottest Emcees List”.

“I think they should chance it from top ten emcee to, if you want to just say it’s about your heat, say the hottest guys in the game. Because sometimes it gets twisted – if you’re talking about their rapping skills or…you know what I’m saying? They should change that.”