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Fabolous Gets Personal On Loso’s Way

Posted By on July 24, 2009

    Fabolous says that he gave his upcoming "Loso's Way" album a lot more personality. [watch here] During a recent radio interview, Fabolous discussed "Loso's Way" saying "A lot of these things I talked about from this album [are personal]." [watch here]

    "I talked about becoming a father for the first time and actually my relationship with my father and that feeling even knowing now that feeling of being a father and how our relationship was different. I also talk about the changing of friendships and relationships. When you come into the game and some of the friends you had when you first came in the game are not here now. Talk about that and talk about how that's a part of the game as well. And a little bit of my career. I feel some points I'm underrated and everybody hasn't gotten me yet so I talk about that as a situation and how I've had longevity and been able to stay in the game and stay afloat with not some of the other things everybody has had to just keep them afloat." [watch here]

Fabolous – Says Loso's Way Is The Most Personal Record He's Done