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6ix9ine’s Kidnapper Charged For Smuggling Ring In Prison

Posted By on November 4, 2021

6ix9ine’s 2018 kidnapper was hit with smuggling charges from behind bars.

6ix9ine’s kidnapping feels like it happened a lifetime ago. However, the perpetrators of that crime still face the consequences of that moment to this day.

The man who led the kidnapping scheme, Anthony “Harv” Ellison, was charged today in New York for his involvement in a bribery and smuggling case at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

The items that were smuggled into the facility included controlled substances, phones, alcohol, cigarettes and more, and the contraband had been continuously smuggled from Oct. 2019 to January of this year.

Ellison and those involved received assistance with the execution of this plot from employees of the facility and Bureau of Prisons workers. One Metropolitan Correctional Center employee named Sharon Griffith-McKnight ,who worked as a secretary at the facility, allegedly sent a letter to an NY judge that Ellison was a “model inmate” who showed character growth in hopes of reducing his sentence. Another employee named Perry Joyner allegedly threatened and intimidated a witness of the crimes.

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Michael J. Driscoll explained how egregious these actions were by those who are supposed to be law-abiding employees: “Federal law enforcement officers take an oath to defend the laws of the United States and protect its citizens. We allege the guards we’ve arrested today acted like nothing more than the criminals in their charge and assisted incarcerated offenders in committing more crimes. Our FBI/NYPD Joint Violent Crimes Task Force is working with our partners to root out the corruption we’ve uncovered; they will find everyone who should be held accountable for their blatant disregard for the law.”

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Anthony “Harv” Ellison’s name was consistently used during 6ix9ine’s 2019 Trial of the Nine Trey Gang and subsequent release from prison months later. He now faces additional charges unrelated to the 6ix9ine kidnapping offense, and stands to serve even more prison time.