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Benzino Says His Daughter Coi Leray Has Not Passed Him As A Rapper

Posted By on October 28, 2021

Benzino brought the Billboard numbers to prove Coi Leray hasn’t charted higher than him.

Earlier this year, former The Source co-owner Benzino and his daughter, rapper Coi Leray, engaged in one of the most explosive parent vs. child internet feuds in recent memory. 

Beginning when Royce da 5’9″ made comments about Benzino’s parenting, and blowing up into a full-blown feud when Leray rapped, “My daddy got me down, but I promise you I won’t let ’em. I wanna say ‘f*ck that man’ but the sh*t won’t make me better,” on her Lil Durk-assisted hit, “No More Parties,” the Benzino vs. Coi Leray saga has been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. 

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Leray told Benzino, via the internet, that she was embarrassed to be his daughter. Benzino said it was the most disrespect he had ever experienced. 

The two went back and forth for days, until a couple months later when both parties seemingly squashed the beef and acknowledged that they loved each other.

That love, however, is still tricky.

In recent interview with VladTV, Benzino made sure to correct an interviewer about his and his daughter’s respective accomplishments as rappers. 

“Coi, as a rapper — not as an executive, not as a businessman — but as a rapper, she’s bigger than Benzino ever was, as a rapper. How does that make you feel to see your own blood …” the VladTV interviewer began to ask before being cut off. 

“Well, well, well, well, I was number 19 on the charts. She hasn’t passed 19,” Benzino interjected. “I think she was maybe 26 or 20. ‘No More Parties’ didn’t pass ‘Rock The Party.’ ‘Rock The Party’ 19 on Billboard, ‘No More Parties’ was 26 so, dad’s still got that one. Dad’s still got that right there.”

Making sure to call out “No More Parties,” it’s clear that, despite being on better terms with Leray, there is still a competitiveness between the two. And later in the interview, after diving into some details about raising Leray, Benzino admits that anything having to do with the “Twinnem” rapper is a touchy subject. But throughout the seven-minute clip, the 50-year-old makes sure to express his love for his daughter, even though he won’t admit she’s a bigger rapper until she passes him on the Billboard charts.

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