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Beyoncé Drops New “Black Is King” Trailer, Which Features Blue Ivy

Posted By on July 30, 2020

Blue Ivy Carter appears in the trailer for “Black Is King,” the visual album releasing from Beyoncé tonight.

At this stage of her career, it’s evident that Beyoncé is focused on continually revolutionizing the way we consume music. Her recent releases have all been surprises and, with her upcoming drop, Queen Bey is developing yet another method for us to enjoy her sonic prowess.

With the release of Black Is King nearly upon us, hitting Disney+ at midnight and following Lemonade and EVERYTHING IS LOVE, Beyoncé is about to shake things up yet again. The visual album will be exclusive to the streaming service and the film will not be available anywhere else, at least for a bit.

With fans reeling over what’s to come, the legendary artist released the latest trailer for the film, which features her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

“To live without reflection for so long might make you wonder if you even truly exist,” says Bey at the beginning of the teaser clip. Once again, Blue Ivy steals the show, popping up at around the 0:51 mark and smiling as she wears an elegant pearl necklace. One of the songs from the visual album is teased near the end.

Watch the new trailer and let us know what you think. Will you be watching when this goes live on Disney+ tonight?