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Gucci Mane On Jeezy Truce: “I Did This Sh*t For The Culture”

Posted By on November 20, 2020

Following his reconciliation with his longtime nemesis Jeezy, Gucci Mane took to Instagram to share his motivation.

It would appear that history has been made at last night’s Verzuz battle — after fifteen years, Gucci Mane and Jeezy squashed their beef in real-time, linking up to perform “So Icy” in front of nearly two million people.

Yet for a little while, some wondered whether the anticipated duel would take a sharp left turn, as Gucci Mane appeared ready and willing to antagonize his competitor with a few throwback diss tracks. Evidently, Jeezy did not take the bait — instead, The Recession 2 rapper opted for a “kill em’ with kindness” approach, declaring his purpose to be higher than any lingering feud.

Gucci Mane

 Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Though many have been applauding Jeezy for avoiding provocation before, during, and after “Truth,” it should be noted that the animosity between both men was hardly one-sided. Much has been made about the lead-up to Pookie Loc’s death at Gucci’s hands, and many of Wop’s fans have been quick to mention Jeezy’s role in escalating the situation to begin with. Suffice it to say, the ensuing beef was far more complex than some have been willing to acknowledge, and the fact that Swizz Beatz and Timbaland were able to make this happen in the first place is an incredible feat.

Given his demeanor and battle-ready intensity throughout the battle, Gucci Mane was painted as the villain by a large number of viewers tuning in. Yet in the end, Gucci proved willing to bury the hatchet in the name of cultural advancement, taking to Instagram to reflect on the milestone achievement. “I did this shit for the Culture,” he captioned, sharing a few behind-the-scenes pictures from the monumental battle. “Yes u did! I’m proud of u,” adds his wife Keyshia Ka’oir, who recently applauded her husband in a heartfelt post. 

Check out Gucci’s post below, and be sure to show some love to the legendary Atlanta rapper for playing a role in one of rap’s most legendary reconciliations.