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J. Cole Toys With Touring “The Off-Season”

Posted By on June 21, 2021

J. Cole appears ready and willing to embark upon a headlining tour for “The Off-Season,” taking to IG to gauge interest.

With touring once again a viable option for artists, many have been eager to take their show back on the road and showcase the music they released throughout the pandemic. For J. Cole, his most recent headlining tour was the 36-stop North American KOD Tour in 2018, alongside supporting acts Jaden, EarthGang, and Young Thug.

Since then, he’s officially added another studio album to his discography in The Off-Season, a project featuring guest appearances from Morray, Bas, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage. It’s no surprise he’s already toying with the idea of staging another tour, taking to Instagram to all but guarantee it. “S h o u l d . i . t o u r . t h i s . o n e ?” he inquires, spacing out his question in the same fashion as The Off-Season’s tracklist. The responses gathered thus far seem to fall overwhelmingly into the yes camp.

J. Cole

Lorne Thomson/Redferns/Getty Images

At this stage, it’s clear that Cole is simply having a little bit of theatrical fun, with the plans for an Off-Season tour likely already drawn up and ready to announce in the imminent future. Don’t be surprised to see a bit more information arrive by the end of the week — perhaps even a schedule of dates and venues. It would certainly be an exciting one for fans, as The Off-Season is far less conceptual than its predecessor, with many bar-heavy songs that would likely translate quite effectively to a stadium setting.

Check out Cole’s water-testing post below, and sound off if you’d be interested in seeing the J. Cole live experience in a venue near you.