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Jay Electronica Needs Kanye West’s Permission For “Act II” Features

Posted By on November 24, 2020

Though it’s unclear as to whether Jay Electronica’s “Act II: The Patents Of Nobility” will be returning to streaming, he did tease a possible Discord release, complete with Kanye West verses.

If there’s one thing that fans have come to understand, it’s that Jay Electronica will never undergo a traditional album rollout as we know it. Even when he does end up delivering new music, it’s largely done so through unconventional and unexpected means. Look no further than the convoluted backstory of Act II: The Patents Of Nobility, his long unreleased 2009 album that went on to receive a proper release after being purchased by an opportunistic leaker and being subsequently uploaded online.

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

For a brief period, Jay made Act II available to stream on TIDAL, though in a clearly unfinished state; long spaces existed where verses were clearly intended to be, and the entirety of Kanye West‘s once-confirmed guest vocals were nowhere to be found. And though many fans appreciated having the once-lost project available at long last, Jay Electronica ultimately called a mulligan and pulled Act II from TIDAL in its entirety. A move that understandably sparked confusion, Jay moved to clear the air in his recently-launched Discord, where he confirmed his intention on re-uploading a revised version of the project — albeit, with a few caveats.

For one, it would appear that Jay Electronica doesn’t intend on bringing his album to streaming platforms, specifying that he’d be posting Act II on his Discord channel provided the interest was there. And upon receiving nothing but positive feedback, he further enticed by teasing the possibility of Kanye West’s inclusion — provided that Yeezy gave his permission beforehand. In other words, it’s unclear as to when Act II will be returning to our eager hands, but perhaps some “old Kanye” will make it worth the wait.

Check out Jay Electronica’s discord channel below, and keep your eyes peeled for further developments on Act II: The Patent Of Nobility.