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Kodak Black Admits To Smoking PCP On New Song

Posted By on October 20, 2021

Kodak Black proudly raps about living recklessly and smoking PCP on his new song.

Fans of Florida rapper Kodak Black are concerned about his health after he proudly sang that he smokes PCP, a hallucinogenic hard drug, in his new song.

The rapper has been making headlines for all of the strangest reasons as of late, including for a video where he grabs his mother’s butt and attempts to kiss her on the lips. He also recently shared a post on social media, in which he said that he was suicidal and wanted to die. In his latest release for “Who Want Smoke” with Chief Keef, a remix of Nardo Wick’s hit record, Yak proudly raps about how he lives so recklessly before he admits that he uses hard drugs — most notably, PCP.

“Everywhere I go I got my TEC and that’s a bet, even on BET/I don’t care ’bout this cheque, I’m living reck, I be on PCP,” raps Kodak on the song.

John Parra/Getty Images

While a number of Kodak’s fans are saying that this explains a lot, others are jumping into his comments and telling him to take care of his body and mind. PCP causes hallucinations, distorted perceptions of sound, and violent behavior. It’s often referred to as “angel dust.” It’s also sometimes used to lace other drugs, and could make “wet cigarettes.”

Listen to the song below, where Kodak spits that he does PCP in his first verse.