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Mick Jenkins Readies His Comeback

Posted By on June 21, 2021

After a lengthy hiatus, Mick Jenkins sets a date for his return with a promising new snippet.

Mick Jenkins has been quiet since delivering his excellent EP The Circus at the beginning of 2020. At the time, he revealed to us that it was meant to act as a prelude to a larger conceptual project, though the Chicago lyricist ultimately hit the delay button on that particular endeavor.

Since then, he’s been biding his time and plotting his return, keeping the skills sharp with the occasional guest appearance. Now, at the moment the game needed him most, Mick has officially set a date for his comeback. Taking to Twitter to tease an upcoming single, Jenkins appears to be spitting bars with a vengeance, his dense style among the most unique hip-hop has to offer. 

Mick Jenkins

 Peter Van Breukelen/Redferns/Getty Images

Though only fifteen seconds long, Jenkins is in fine form over a hard-hitting instrumental. “It was Goyard totes and Carhartt Tees,” he spits. “The Coldplay carpet round my feet / the Dolce scarf is round my face, forgot my mask–” Jenkins lets out a frustrated “FUCK” as the snippet comes to an end. It sounds like he’s gearing up to really go in, and we won’t have to wait much longer to hear the full track.

“June 23rd,” captions Jenkins, signaling that a rollout is about to kick off. We can only hope that Jenkins uses the opportunity to shine a light on his next full-length album, as his previously-teased Circus follow-up certainly sounded interesting. If you’re looking for a little more from Jenkins ahead of the big release, be sure to revisit our previous interview with the lyricist — who declared himself to be “Top 5 With The Pen.”