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Bizarre D12 Interview

Posted By on June 12, 2008

Rap Basement: You seem to be the member who puts out the most solo material? Why do you choose to do all the solo projects?

Rap Basement: Are you happy with the way your last two albums turned out?

Rap Basement: Do you think any of it has to do with the way the music business is changing? Everything going digital and all that?

Rap Basement: You’ve done a lot of TV shows—Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Rap Superstar on MTV. How do these appearances come about? Is it something where they seek you out or do you seek them out?

Rap Basement: Why did D12 decide to put out a mixtape right now?

Rap Basement: How do you feel like this mixtape compares with stuff you’ve done in the past?

Rap Basement: So what would you say is the vibe of this mixtape?

Rap Basement: Besides the members of D12, who else was involved in working on this project?

Rap Basement: What was the idea behind the 13 MCs track on the mixtape? How did that idea come about and what was that like?

Rap Basement: Why did you guys choose not to have Eminem on this album? Was it just scheduling conflicts? Or were you trying to step out of his shadow for a minute?

Rap Basement: We saw that you guys have a few U.S. tour dates right now. Are you planning on doing anything in Canada or overseas?

Rap Basement: Can you give the fans a little insight into the creative process with you guys? Do you just hear a beat and then individually come up with your own stuff? Or do you talk about a concept ahead of time? How does that work?

Rap Basement: It seemed like Proof was the one who would step up and keep the group motivated and organized and moving forward. Has anyone in the group stepped up to take on that roll? How has the dynamic of the group changed since Proof’s passing?

Rap Basement: How has Proof’s passing affected the creative process of the group for you guys?

Rap Basement: Alright, getting off the heavy questions for a minute and switching up the topic. Who are you liking in the upcoming election, and what changes would you like to see happen when the next president takes office?

Rap Basement: What would you say is your favorite D12 song that you’ve ever worked on and why?

Rap Basement: How do you think the group overall has changed since Devil’s Night?

Rap Basement: When are you guys expecting your next album to drop?

Rap Basement: Do you think the next album you guys do will be the last we see from D12, or are you guys planning to continue on into the future?

Rap Basement: What’s next for you solo wise?

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