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Kon Artis D-12 Interview

Posted By on June 10, 2008

Rap Basement: A lot of people really dig your production style. Can you tell us about any upcoming albums that you’ve produced tracks for. Anything you’ve been working on lately that might be coming out soon?


Rap Basement: You were recently quoted in XXL about the music industry dying with the declining album sales and things like that. What do you think the future holds for the music industry?

Rap Basement: You talked about the 360 deals that artists like Jay-Z and Madonna are signing with these companies. Do you think the 360 deals are going to be the way artists go in the future or do you think they’re just kind of a stepping stone and there is a better solution that will come along?

Rap Basement: What about MrPorterBeats.com? How is that website doing for you?

Rap Basement: What about D12’s upcoming album, are you going to be executive producer for that?

Rap Basement: A lot of fans might not know about your Who Is John Doe Project. We saw that on MrPorterBeats.com. Can you tell us about that?

Rap Basement: Very cool. You mentioned Da Brigade. What’s the status of that album? Is it something that’s still in the works or has it just kind of been put on the backburner for right now?

Rap Basement: Have you worked with Dre at all on Detox? And the question everybody is dying to know, when is it coming out? Is there any time frame that has been mentioned, and what have you done to work on that album?

Rap Basement: What about Young Zee, is he still doing any work with you?

Rap Basement: The D12 mixtape that’s coming out, is there a certain feel that it has, or a certain vibe that goes with it?

Rap Basement: You talked about people picking up the slack, everybody stepping up… It seemed like Proof would always be the one motivating everybody and getting everything organized and moving forward. Has any one person in the group specifically stepped up to take on that roll? How has the dynamic changed?

Rap Basement: How has Proof’s passing affected the writing process for the group? Are there certain topics now that you guys might stray away from or think twice about before you write them down? How have things changed with that?

Rap Basement: That was a huge tragedy and definitely all the fans on Rap Basement and everybody who works there, our hearts really go out to you guys. But getting off these heavy questions, we’ll move on to some lighter stuff. What’s your favorite D12 song of all time that you’ve ever worked on and why?

Rap Basement: So then what’s the vibe of the new album?

Rap Basement: It gets increasingly harder for it to become a group effort with everybody doing their own thing, everybody has their own projects that they’re working on. Do you think this is the last album we’ll see from D12 or are you guys planning to continue on into the future?

Rap Basement: Who do you see as some of the new up-and-coming artists in Detriot?

Rap Basement: It seems like there’s been a lot of Shady artists that have been waiting to come out that we haven’t seen yet. Why are we seeing all these new artists signed but nobody has really dropped yet?

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