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Kuniva D12 Interview

Posted By on June 3, 2008

We sat down with 4 of the members from D12 to discuss whats next for them along with their new Mixtape ‘Return of the Dozen’. We posted up a full article that discusses the main points that the members were discussing. However due to fans requesting the full interviews we placed them up in audio form for you fans to enjoy. So without further adieu here is part 1 KUNIVA


Rap Basement: We’ve seen solo albums from everyone in the group except you and Kon Artis. Do you have plans to release any solo material coming up?


Rap Basement: Does it have a title yet?

Rap Basement: What’s the status of Da Brigade album? Is that still in the works or has it kind of been put on the back burner for right now?

Rap Basement: How would you describe the vibe of the new D12 mixtape?

Rap Basement: Would you say that it’s more personal than you guys usually get?

Rap Basement: Besides the members of D12 who else was involved in this project?

Rap Basement: We saw that Royce is on the new mixtape. What’s your take on the whole Cashis situation, him going off on Royce? Is that situation all resolved?

Rap Basement: Can you give the fans a little insight into the creative process you guys go through? How do you guys record a song typically? Do
you have the beat first and individually come up with your verses, or do you discuss a concept ahead of time?

Rap Basement: Is there anything specific you guys are going to do with regards to Proof on this mixtape? Is there going to be any tribute tracks or will he be in any of the songs?

Rap Basement: It seemed like Proof was kind of the one who would step up to keep the group motivated, organized, moving forward and all that. Has anyone in the group specifically stepped up to take on that roll?

Rap Basement: How has the work dynamic of the group changed since Proof passed?

Rap Basement: I know all the fans from Rap Basement, all of our hearts go out to you guys. I know that’s a really tough situation. Everybody was devastated when it happened. But you’re in everybody’s thoughts and prayers and all that.

Kuniva: Well we really, really appreciate that.

Rap Basement: Getting off of these heavy questions, who are you liking in the upcoming election?

Rap Basement: What’s your favorite D12 song that you’ve worked on, of all time, and why?

Rap Basement: How do you think the group has changed since Devil’s Night came out?

Rap Basement: Is there any idea when the D12 album might be coming out?

Rap Basement: It seems like there are a lot of Shady artists that are waiting to come out that we haven’t seen yet. Is that kind of the same reasoning behind that, that Interscope is kind of waiting until Em’s album drops and then release the other artists after that?

Rap Basement: Do you have any idea when Em’s album might drop?

Rap Basement: Of the new Shady Records artists that have signed over the last couple years, which one are you most excited to work with?

Rap Basement: So you mentioned that rap right now, the people coming out, it’s all kind of sounding the same, and people are looking for something new, something different. What do you see the future of rap looking like?

Rap Basement: A lot of the fans on Rap Basement in places like Canada and Europe, somebody in South America, they’re all asking, “When’s D12 coming? When they coming here?” Are there any plans to do any international touring?

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