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Swifty Mcvay D12 Interview

Posted By on June 9, 2008

Rap Basement: How would you describe the vibe or the feel of the new mixtape?


Rap Basement: You seem to lead off and lay the first verse on a lot of past D12 songs. Do you do this on the mixtape and things you’ve worked on for the new album?

Rap Basement: So what is your guys’ formula? You’re the lead off guy, then where does it go from there?

Rap Basement: How do you feel D12’s new material compares with stuff from the past?

Rap Basement: Besides the members of D12, who else is involved in the mixtape?

Rap Basement: So will Eminem be on the mixtape at all or is it the other D12 members alone?

Rap Basement: You guys have a little tour planned to promote the mixtape. Where all are you hittin’ up and how long will you be on the road?

Rap Basement: Can you give the fans a little insight into the creative process you guys go through. How do you guys record a song typically? Do you have a beat and then individually come up with your verses, or do you talk about a concept ahead of time?

Rap Basement: Can we expect to hear Proof on this mixtape?

Rap Basement: It seemed like Proof was always the one steppin’ up to keep the group motivated and organized and moving forward. Has anyone in the group specifically stepped up to take on that role? How has the dynamic of the group changed?

Rap Basement: How has Proof’s passing affected the creative process for you guys?

Rap Basement: That was definitely a huge tragedy for everybody, especially you guys. I just want to let you know that all the fans on Rap Basement and everybody working for Rap Basement, our hearts really go out to you guys. You’re definitely in everybody’s thoughts and prayers to this day.

Swift: Thanks. Definitely. Thank you.

Rap Basement: But getting off of the heavier questions for a minute, who are you liking in the election?

Rap Basement: We saw you put out some tracks a few weeks ago. You have plans to release some solo material. Are you finished with your new solo project Underestimated? When can we expect to see that?

Rap Basement: Alright, well we will definitely be looking out for those. Is the first Underestimated EP mainly solo material that you’ve worked on or do you have some guest appearances?

Rap Basement: What is your all time favorite D12 song that you’ve ever worked on and why?

Rap Basement: How do you think the group has changed since Devil’s Night?

Rap Basement: Beyond the mixtape, you guys are working on the next album. Do you have any idea when the new D12 album might drop?

Rap Basement: From the stuff you’ve worked on so far, what is the vibe of the new album looking like?

Rap Basement: Do you think this is the last album we’ll see from D12, or are you guys planning on continuing on into the future?

Rap Basement: What about the Shady Records artists that have recently been signed? It seems like we’ve been waiting for a lot of them to drop and we haven’t seen them yet. Do you have any idea what the reasons are behind the delays?

Rap Basement: Are there any Shady Records artists who’ve signed in the last few years that you’re particularly excited to work with? Anyone who stands out in your mind as someone you’d really enjoy working on something with?

Rap Basement: If you could work with any artist not on Shady Records, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Rap Basement: Looking back at the history of rap—where it started and where it has come—what was your favorite period of time in rap history?

Rap Basement: Since then, it seems like now days a lot of rappers are more about the catchy hook and selling ringtones and all that. Where do you see the future of rap headed?

Rap Basement: Thanks a lot for taking the time to sit down and talk with us. I know the fans will be really happy to know what’s going on with you, so thank you.

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