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Posted By on October 6, 2006

Snap to It

Snap is a new subgenre of Rap music that is emerging from Atlanta, Georgia. A close cousin to similar Dirty South style crunk, snap is characterized by its namesake finger-snapping, and its very primitive, stripped-down approach to hip-hop. Tracks commonly consist plainly of a hi-hat, bass, snapping, a main groove, and a vocal track. Invented for use at clubs, it is unusually languid for normal dance music, with a slow tempo. There is some debate over the true origin of snap, with both rap outfits Dem Franchize Boyz and D4L and leading producer Mr. Collipark claiming themselves the creators.

There are four dances that can be done to snap music. They are The Poole Palace, The Westside Walk, Jocin', and the Snap Dance. The snap dance is a very simple dance done to snap music. Different artists have different ways of instructing it, from Lil' Jon's "Snap ya Fingaz, Do ya Step" description to Dem Franchize Boyz "Lean wit it, Rock wit it" instruction. Basically, the dance is the movement of the torso and arms with little (if any) feet movement, followed by snapping and leaning back in time with the music.

Notable Artists
* Dem Franchize Boyz (Parlae, Jizzal Man, Buddie & Pimpin')
* Baker Road Clique
* Ben Hill Squad (Yung One, War Chief, Killa Kane & Octavon)
* D4L (Fabo, Stuntman, Mook B & Shawty Lo)
* Oomp Camp
* S.O.B. (Cody, Snoop & Maniac)
* Get Rich Clique (Luch Million$, Montana, Dirty Red & Pimpin' Mane)
* Born Threat
* K.I.P.
* Trap Squad
* BHI (K-Rab, Skeet-A-Weet, Yung J & Hard Head)
* Smurf Da Kid
* Unk

Examples Of Snap Music

– Some examples of Snap Music songs are:

* "Do It To It" by Cherish w/Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz
* "Everytime Tha Beat Drop" by Monica w/Dem Franchize Boyz
* "I Think They Like Me" by Dem Franchize Boyz w/ Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow
* "Down 4 Life" album by D4L
* "What's Hannenin (Remix)" by Trap Squad w/ Fabo{D4L}
* "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" by Dem Franchize Boyz
* "Swing" Savage
* "Wait (The Whisper Song)" by the Ying Yang Twins
* "Wuz Up!" by Bo Hagon w/ Diamond & Princess{Crime Mob}, Fabo
* "Booty Butt Cheeks" by B5F
* "Do It, Do It(Poole Palace)" by BHI w/ Lil Jon
* "Hustle Money" by Yung Money
* "Bunny Hop" by Get Rich Clique
* "Heat it Up" by Bubba Sparxxx
* "Dance for Me" Daron Jones w/ Fabo
* "Snap Yo Fingers" Lil' Jon w/ E-40, Sean Paul{Youngbloodz}

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