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Fetty Wap Details Possible Young Thug Joint Album

Posted By on March 11, 2016

Fetty Wap sat down with Clique for a very in depth interview. Fetty touched on how quickly his recording process is, How long ‘Trap Queen‘ really took to blow up, and the rumors of a joint album with Young Thug.

“It don’t really take that long for me to do a song,” Fetty Wap said. “In three hours, I probably make like four, five songs…Probably like a night. I mean, we both moving right now. So, whenever we both got time to sit down and really go in. Cause whenever I be in Atlanta we always be together. I’m always in the studio with him…He don’t push the issue. I don’t push the issue. We just cool. We just two artists that fuck with each other. And when that time comes, I guess we’ll really get down to it. We’ll do that. But as of right now, we just making music.”

When speaking on ‘Trap Queen’, Fetty detailed how he pushed it for two full years before it it began to break through.

“A lot of people say I came up overnight,” he said. “It was an overnight success. And people don’t know that I was pushing ‘Trap Queen’ for two years straight. Only one song for two years. So, if two years is overnight then that’s a long ass night…It’s all up to you. If you wanna stay where you at, you gonna stay where you at. If you wanna move forward, you gotta push yourself to move forward. And that’s what I did.”

Watch The Full Interview Below:

Clique x Fetty Wap by cliquetv