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Foxy Brown Judge Dismisses Mooning Case, Criticizes Her Tardiness

Posted By on July 12, 2011

Foxy Brown was due in court Monday at 9:30am, and when a representative showed instead of the rapper herself, the Judge was none to pleased. By the time Brown did make it to court, 2 hours late, the Judge threatened her with jail time if she was late again, and dismissed court until the following day due to the delay.

Foxy Brown blamed her lawyer, claiming it was his idea to send an aide instead of her appearing herself.

Despite the tardniess and threats of jail, when Foxy did show up on time today, the judge threw the case out after the accuser upset over an alleged mooning incident with the female rapper refused to testify. The DA simply stated that the accuser Arlene Raymond wanted the matter behind her, and to just drop the charges.

Brown commented on the decision outside of the coutroom saying:

“It’s a scary thing when someone want to be you and have your life.”