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Frank Ocean Performs “Forest Gump” His New Single Off of His Major Label Debut at the 2013 Grammy Awards Ceremony

Posted By on February 13, 2013

Frank Ocean stayed well within his stage time allotment, while leaving the fans and the crowd with a little teaser of what they could expect off of his upcoming major label debut.

The smooth sounding vocalist from Odd Future ran out onto the stage into a frame that depicted him running, a visual prelude to the song forthcoming. Ocean pulled the mike toward him and perfomed “Forrest Gump” cutting it short and retreating backstage.

Ocean lost his bid for Album of the Year to Mumford & Sons’ Babel, but he did win a Grammy earlier in the evening for his Collaboration with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Dream on “No Church in the Wild”

Ocean has had a rather active 2013, reportedly getting into a brawl with singer/performer Chris Brown. Sources say that after initial speculations pointed the finger of fault at Ocean an unnamed eyewitness came forth and stated that it was Chris Brown that instigated the conflict by punching Ocean in the face after he refused to take his offered handshake. It seems that it all initiated around a disagreement over a parking spot.

Earlier his month, Ocean also revealed that after the Grammy’s he would be shipping off to Shanghai to spend the next 2 years in a remote area writing his next project.