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Frank Ocean Calls Out Chris Brown On “Versace” Record

Posted By on July 25, 2013

You might remember singers Chris Brown and Frank Ocean getting into beef in a parking lot earlier this year. Just when you thought the beef may have been squashed, Ocean takes a few jabs at Brown in his latest “Versace” record.

The soon to be controversial song alludes to Chris Brown not standing up when Frank Ocean won a Grammy  and Brown’s music being “Sloppy” :

“You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy/Your music is sloppy/Niggas is heated they keep on repeating the evening in slow mo,”

Frank Ocean is far from being the first person to brawl with Chris Brown over the last few years. Most notable would be a now notorious club brawl that took place between the singer and rapper Drake.

Full lyrics to Frank Ocean’s “Versace” can be seen below: